1). How many types of honey bees are there in hive? What are they?
There are 3 types of honey bees in the hive:
i) The queen bee
ii) The drone bee
iii) The Worker bee

2). Write down the 3 characteristics of drone bee.
The 3 characteristics of drone bee are:
i) Drones bare haploid having 16 chromosomes only.
ii) It is smaller than queen bee and larger than worker bees.
iii) It body is black and hail.

3). In how many stages does the life cycle of silk moth complete?
The life cycle of silk moth completed in 5 stages.

4). Write two characteristics of egg of honey bee.
Two characteristics of egg of honey bee are:
i) It hatch after 3 to 4 days.
ii) It is the first stage of life cycle of honey bee.

5). What is royal jelly?
A special secretion of honeybee feed by queen bee herself in the hive and the nearest workers turn towards her, lick her body is called royal jelly.

6). In how many days does the life cycle of honey bee complete?
The life cycle of honeybee complete in 21 days.

7). What is metamorphosis?
A change of the form or nature of thing or person into completely different one is called metamorphosis.

8). What is Swarming?
The process by which a new honeybee colony is formed when queen bee leave colony within a large group of worker bees is called swarming.

9). Why is a honey bee called a social insects?
Honey bee is called social inscets beacuse they lives in a group by hardworking like humans and feel the changes in is surrounding.

10). Write any two differences between the queen bee and a drone bee
Ans: The differences between the queen bee and a drone bee are:

Queen BeeDrone Bee
It is only one in a colony.It is a few hundred in a colony.
It is larger than a drone bee.It is smaller than a queen bee.

11). What is meant by mating flight or nuptial flight?
The flight of queen bee and drones outside the hive or mating is known as mating or nuptial flight.

12). Write any two similarities between queen bee and worker bee?
Any two similarities between queen bee and worker bee are :

Queen BeeWorker Bee
The queen is larger than the drone bee.They are diploid
The queen bee live for 5 years.They have 32 chromosomes in each cell.

13). Write any two differences between drones bees and worker bee.
They are given below:

Drone BeeWorker Bee
They are haploid.They are diploid.
They have 16 chromosomes only.They have 32 chromosomes in each cell.

14). The male bee (drone) dies after mating, Why?
: The male bee (drone) dies after mating because their function is to fertilize the new queen. In the autumn, or when condition are poor they turned out of hive where unable to find food for themselves and they die.

15). Apiculture helps in agriculture, How?
Apiculture helps in agriculture this agriculture benefit of honey bee is estimated to be between 10 and 20 time the total value of honey and bees wax.

16). Write down the features of the queen bee.
The features of the queen bee are:
      i) The queen bee larger than the worker bee and drone bee.
     ii) The queen bee is only egg laying female.

17). What is Apiculture?
 Apiculture is the act or method of rearing honey bees.

18). Name the types of honey bee found in a beehive.
 They are given below:
      i) Beehive in House
     ii) Beehive in Flowers
    iii) Beehive in Jungle

19). What is parthenogenesis?
The process of development from unfertilized to eggs is called Parthenogenesis.

20). Give a brief description of external morphology of the honey bee.
Like all insects, The honey bee has three main parts the head, thorax and abdomen. This is triangular in shape  thorax consists of 3 pair of jointed legs and two pair of wings and head consists of a pair of antennae, a pair of compound  eyes and mouthpart.

21). Write any 3 characteristics of queen bee.
They are given below:
     i) Queen bee controlled hole hive or colony.
    ii) Queen bee is only egg laying female.
    iii) Queen bee is larger than worker been and drone been.

22). Write any three characteristics of worker bee.
They are given below:
      i) Worker bee are develop the fertilized egg.
     ii) Worker bee are diploid.
    iii) Worker bee body is divided in head, thorax, and abdomen.

23). Mention the importance of royal jelly for queen bee.
Honey bee lava develop into queen bees if they are fed large quantities of a food called royal jelly. But royal jelly does more than determine whether a larva becomes a queen. It  also keep her safely anchored to the roof of the queen cell in which she develop.

24). Describe in brief the uses of honey bee for human beings.
Honey bee pollinator and they produce of honey and medical product. Honey provide various nutritional honey bee product the honey bee theist honey are commonly used for burns wound., heating, swelling, and sore inside the mouth and cough etc.

25). How does a queen bee control the hive? Describe.
A queen bee control the hive by guide the colony by releasing special or dour and the queen bee is the only female in the hive within fully developed ovaries she plays to two key role and within the hive to play eggs and to regulate the colony through the use of chemical scents called pheromones.

26). Write a Shorts notes on:
a) Larva of honey bee:
Three day after an egg is laid. It hatched into a warm life  form called larva. The larva has no leg wings or antenna. A larva that is fed only royal jelly a substance serrated from the gland of the nurse be, will emerge from its cell known as the queen cell as a queen.
b) Pupa of honey bee:
After complete development for 9 day, the larva spins a cocoon around itself on the 10th day and being to pupates this stage is non- feeding and inactive stage.

27). Show the development of different types of honey bee in a table.

Type of beeEggLarvaPupaAdult
The Queen3days5.5 days7.5 days16 days
Drone Bee3 days6 days14.5 days23.5 days
Worker Bee3 days6 days12 days21 days

28). Why should we study the life cycle of honey bee? Explain.
We should study the life cycle of honey bee because of the following reasons are :
       i) To know the which bee was queen, drone and worker.
       ii) To know which bee laying egg.
      iii) To know about their body structure.
      iv) To know which bee do hard work.
       v) To know about male and female bee.
      vi) To know which bee controlled the hole, colony or hive etc.

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